Why You Should Care About Indoor Air Quality Data

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Why Is Indoor Air Quality Data So Important?

indoor air quality data provides your organization with invaluable information that can help protect the health of both employees and customers. Knowing how to interpret and utilize IAQ data offers innumerable benefits to companies seeking to maximize productivity, reduce absenteeism, and ultimately improve the well-being of every worker. Read on to learn more.

For many, bad air quality is something often associated with major air pollutants, like carbon dioxide, that are produced at factories or released from vehicles. While outdoor pollutants do pose serious risks to public health, it’s rapidly becoming apparent that air contaminants and particulate matter within indoor environments can be just as dangerous. This article will discuss what makes indoor air quality (IAQ) data so valuable, why organizations should make collecting this information a priority, and how Attune can help free indoor spaces from harmful airborne contaminants.

How To Measure Indoor Air Quality Data

The vast majority of indoor air pollutants exist on the micro-scale. As such, the only way to detect many air contaminants is by utilizing sophisticated equipment. First, you will need to conduct a basic air quality test using an air quality meter to determine which pollutants are causing problems and the number of particles per million circulating through the air. To monitor indoor air quality data continuously, you will need to install an air quality sensor in the workplace that provides real-time IAQ information. 

At Attune, we provide complete air quality monitoring systems supported by a powerful IoT platform capable of providing customized, up-to-date data analytics regarding all aspects of your workplace’s indoor air. Our powerful sensors will keep you in the loop 24/7, monitoring a wide array of contaminants, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, ozone, hydrogen sulfide, and much more.

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Why You Should Measure It

According to the World Health Organization, over 3 million deaths per year are directly attributable to indoor pollutants found in households. Air contamination is equally hazardous to human health in modern workplaces. To protect the well-being of employees, companies must consistently monitor air quality levels. 

Monitoring and analyzing indoor air quality data provides direct benefits to organizations across virtually any industry. With accurate IAQ data, you can quickly determine the source of various contaminants and remedy the problem before it begins to negatively impact your workers’ quality of life. In addition, organizations with access to indoor air quality data can conduct in-depth analytics that can reveal insightful patterns based on seasonal trends, occupancy rates in the building, or the optimal ventilation needed to maximize comfort in the workplace. 

Without reliable IAQ data, companies dealing with unhealthy indoor air cannot make informed decisions about remediation strategies, potentially wasting time and money. If you’re exploring solutions that can improve IAQ at your business, it may help to examine some of the reasons why it’s such a good investment. Here are the main advantages of measuring indoor air quality data at your workplace.

Health Impacts

The EPA uses a simple air quality chart to measure the severity of indoor air pollution. When contaminants reach higher levels, individuals may experience a variety of health effects that can cause serious illness and increase risk factors for death. Some of these health impacts include heart disease, respiratory disease, cancer, pulmonary disease, and lung infections. When you invest in indoor air quality monitoring technology and study the data it provides, you can quickly narrow down the source of various airborne contaminants responsible for these health problems. Once pollutants are identified, you can adjust ventilation and filtration systems to restore air quality to healthy levels.

IAQ and Productivity Impacts

Employees need a safe and healthy work environment to thrive. According to a 2022 report by the Royal Academy of Engineers, organizations that take steps to improve indoor air quality see up to a 4% increase in overall worker productivity. Aside from the measurable decrease in absenteeism and sick leave, fostering a workplace that prioritizes indoor air quality can have a positive psychological effect on morale. 

With Attune’s new IAQ Lobby View by Senseware, you can prominently showcase your workplace’s indoor air quality for both customers and employees to see. Your employees will appreciate the peace of mind of knowing their environment is free of contaminants, potentially helping to reduce turnover and attract new talent. Meanwhile, the positive customer experience IAQ Lobby View provides can contribute to more referrals and increased business opportunities.

Compliance and Legal Impacts

Indoor air quality monitoring makes it much easier to comply with regulatory guidelines and various air quality standards. For one thing, maintaining healthy indoor air quality will ensure your organization complies with The General Duty Clause put forward by OSHA that protects workers from “recognized hazards” that can harm employee health. In addition, IAQ investments can satisfy the requirements for a variety of certifications and air quality standards, such as Fitwel or the UL Solutions Verified Healthy Building System. 

Financial Impacts

No doubt improving indoor air quality carries significant financial incentives for any company. According to a report by Embry-Riddle, improving IAQ through improved monitoring, ventilation, and filtration contributes to greater employee performance amounting to some $6,500 in additional output per worker. When combined with reduced rates of illness, absenteeism, and healthcare costs, the financial impact of healthy indoor air quality can be quite profound. Furthermore, investments in IAQ can have a positive influence on the value of your organization’s estate as healthier indoor air makes commercial properties far more attractive.

Make the Invisible Known With Attune

With indoor air quality monitoring solutions from Attune, you’ll gain access to actionable, customizable insights on every aspect of your workplace’s indoor air. Track real-time concentrations of volatile organic compounds, humidity, odorless gases, particulate matter, and more to make more informed decisions about strategies for improving your indoor air quality. We can customize your IoT platform to suit the unique needs of your business and answer any questions or concerns you have along the way. If you’re ready to make IAQ a priority at your business, Attune has the tools, resources, and experience you need to make it happen. Contact us today to get started. 


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