Best Water Sustainability Solutions in 2023

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The world is facing a severe crisis in ensuring enough drinkable water. However, many technological solutions on the horizon, such as leakage detection, advanced filtration, and smart irrigation, have made great strides in reducing water consumption and increasing the amount of drinkable water. 


If you were paying attention in ninth-grade science class, you’re aware that the earth is 70% water. However, due to salt content, 97% of that water is undrinkable. 

Clean drinking water is a commodity and one facing increased scarcity. While we haven't yet arrived at a Mad Max scenario concerning fresh water, scientists express deep concerns over the world’s water resources and our ability to manage them.  But there is hope on the horizon.

Water sustainability solutions stand at the forefront of the global conversation about sustainability and the battle with climate change. In recent years there’s been significant investment — public and private — in the prioritization of water conservation. 

Below, we’ll discuss the current state of water sustainability. Then, we'll get into some of the cutting-edge solutions, approaches, and strategies as humans continue attempting to solve issues of water pollution and decreasing access to water. 

The Current State of Global Water Resources

As the old mariner rhyme goes, “Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” Thankfully we aren’t at that point — yet. 

Plenty of safe water is still out there, but the water crisis is a very real concern; this is especially true in underdeveloped nations. But regardless of your section of the globe, the effects of climate change and dilapidating infrastructure continue to cause worries of contaminated water and water shortages. 

Climate change has already altered the availability of clean water, leading to continued concerns over maintaining good water quality and an adequate supply of it. The UN tasked the World Meteorological Organization to address these concerns, resulting in the official State of Global Water Resources Report. In their report, it states that 3.6 billion people face inadequate water access, a number that's expected to rise to 5 billion by 2050.

The report also addresses water-related issues regarding practical and potential solutions. The report provides water conservation tips for industry professionals, governments, businesses, and activists to create water conservation methods, strategies, and solutions.

Water Conservation Strategies - Attune

Water Conservation Strategies

What is water conservation? And why is water conservation important? 

At its core, the conservation of water is a strategy and mindset. But it can take many forms. From practices around reducing water usage and eliminating waste to developing tech products that provide better filtration and leak detection, there are many potential solutions developed to address the growing water crisis.

Every solution is essential to overcoming humanity's looming crisis of drought and natural disasters. Below are some of the latest developments, innovations, and use cases of conservation strategies that are set to lead the way in 2023. 

Innovative Technologies in Water Sustainability

Hydro technology is booming. At this point, many major companies are advancing and adopting tech that promotes sustainability and conservation. 

Such new tech includes sensor technology, 5G, artificial intelligence, IoT, and data management. Businesses, property managers, governments, and agricultural operators are now applying these sensors to water-related infrastructure. From there, these sensors harvest data and provide automatic changes and insights that lead to more sustainable levels of water usage.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Anyone who has tried to manicure a lawn or garden understands the insane amount of water required to keep it lush. Smart irrigation systems increase results while conserving water and reducing waste.

Smart irrigation tech regulates and automates lawn care, controlling spigots, sprinklers, and water flow through a series of smart sensors to reduce water demand. Additionally, the tech collects data and adjusts output based on factors like weather and soil metrics. The system also changes patterns to adjust to a fully optimal water usage level. 

This sustainable solution is scalable for any need, from a tiny plot of grass to a massive farm that requires millions of gallons of water a year. 

Advanced Filtration Techniques

As stated earlier, the earth has an abundance of undrinkable water, an issue now exacerbated by climate change. However, new filtration solutions point to a broadening capacity to use and recycle previously harmful or unusable water. Processes like desalination, solar filtration, and nanotechnology in water treatment made major breakthroughs recently. Now, there's potential for widespread use in converting wastewater and seawater into water fit for human use.

To give a real-world example, in a recent test, Princeton University developed a low-cost solar filtration device that effectively removed lead and contaminants from water, resulting in purified drinking water.  

Leak Detection Technology

The EPA calculated that the average household leak accounts for 10,000 gallons of lost water annually.  

Leaks are both wasteful and costly. But now, leak detection solutions use highly accurate sensors to alert property owners of any water leaks.

When the system detects a leak, it sends a notification through a mobile interface, allowing the property manager to shut off the water supply, some systems even shut off water automatically. 

Leak detection is an incredibly effective solution that's already used on a wide scale. For example, Microsoft recently released a report concerning a project in London with FIDO tech. Working together, Microsoft and FIDO will install a massive leak detection system to help monitor London's distribution network. Projections say that the project should result in millions of gallons of water saved annually. 

Attune's Contribution to Water Sustainability

To promote sustainability and lower utility costs, organizations must begin implementing the best water conservation technology available. However, it's important to know your systems are in good hands by investing in trusted and established solutions. 

Attune offers some of the most effective monitoring systems for leakage detection available. Our sensors and customizable IoT software program help buildings and facilities monitor and control water usage, stop leaks, and detect frozen pipes before they become costly problems. Additionally, our sensors meticulously track flow rates and water pressure, altering building managers as soon as the numbers look off. 

Visit our product page to learn more about how Attune’s sustainable solutions help businesses become leaders in sustainability through solutions that cut costs, create safer environments and lead to a more eco-friendly world. 

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