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3 Ways the Internet of Things Has Revolutionized Property Management

Property management has traditionally been viewed as a low-margin business. The Internet of Things (IoT) has offered a unique opportunity for...

Co-working space

3 Reasons Why Space-as-a-Service is Changing Traditional CRE Models

The CRE market is notorious for moving slowly. PropTech continues to advance in delivering transformational change to traditional CRE models. Today,...

Tenant Comfort

4 Ways Modernizing Existing Buildings Can Attract Tenants

It is impossible to miss the current tech upgrade cycle. The CRE market faces the same challenge as other industries, evolve or pay the price....


3 Challenges Faced When Modernizing Existing Buildings

The CRE market faces a fundamental challenge. How does one modernize an existing building? Whether motivated by tenant concerns, building efficiency...

Digitization Trend

How Industry Digitization Trends Point the Way to the Smart Building Market

Business transformation using Smart Building technology has become a readily accepted phenomenon within today’s industry. Implicit within this...

User Experience for IoT

How an IoT-Driven User Experience (UX) is Transforming the HVAC Market

IoT has captured the attention of many because of the growing understating of how real-time data impacts operational efficiency. Energy efficiency...


3 Reasons Why IoT is the Key to Business Transformation Strategies

IoT has progressed far beyond the novelty phase. Businesses have grown in confidence and have seized upon inexpensive wireless IoT devices to drive...


The Path to Safety, Microcontrollers Driving the IoT Traffic Acquisition War

Business leaders have increased confidence in IoT. More and more organizations have skipped the IoT pilot phase in favor of initial implementations....


Pausing Before the Next Leg of IoT, Pilot to Implementation

The premise and promise of IoT continues to rage amidst a whirlwind of activity. Forecasts abound with recent projections estimating $1.2 trillion in...

Forbes Top 50

Senseware CEO Serene Almomen "Crushing Tech"

Congratulations to Senseware CEO Serene Almomen for being named by Forbes as one of 50 women that are "pushing the frontiers of innovation."

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