Commercial Energy Saving Tips

Commercial Energy Saving Tips

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According to energy officials, commercial buildings waste 30% of the energy they pay for. It is a disturbing fact, but you can view it in one of two ways: As a certainty or an opportunity for improvement. 

Commercial building managers and owners must always lookout for ways to reduce energy costs. But, with energy being the most considerable operational expense, where should you start with boosting commercial building energy efficiency? Analyzing energy consumption habits and infrastructure is a great place to begin. 

Below you’ll find the top five commercial energy-saving tips. Many of these tips can reduce energy costs almost immediately, leading to massive savings over time. 

The Energy Challenges That Commercial Buildings Face

Nobody wants to waste electricity on purpose. So why, then, is there so much reported waste? 

There are a few ways to answer this question. The primary answer is that evaluating commercial building energy consumption is challenging. Often, buildings aren't equipt with the proper energy infrastructure to promote an energy-efficient environment. As a result, problems like water leaks, HVAC malfunctions, and inadequate insulation often go undetected for years because managers need systems to provide alerts when things go awry. 

Anyone responsible for utility expenses knows that issues arise daily. However, with thought and a dedicated approach, energy efficiency is attainable. 

5 Tips To Reduce Commercial Energy Consumption

Thankfully, the path to commercial energy savings is well-studied. Below are some concrete steps that any building manager must implement to begin seeing the cost benefits of an energy-efficient property. These tips include advice for managing all utilities and systems, including water, electricity, heating, and insulation.

1. Seal Energy Drains

The first place to begin to improve heat retention and lower the cost of energy is by ensuring key areas are sealed and insulated. 

One of the prime culprits are duct leaks. Leaking ducts make it impossible to maintain proper temperatures. As a result, energy is wasted, and providing a comfortable environment for building occupants is impossible. 

It's also necessary to check for any leaks in water pipes and plumbing equipment. Leaks are notorious for running up astronomical energy costs and must be addressed immediately. 

However, knowing when maintenance is needed takes a lot of work. Therefore, building managers should consider implementing smart technology that automatically monitors the state of HVAC and plumbing systems. Such systems provide real-time updates, alerting managers when issues appear. 

2. Install Smart Thermostats

If you haven't researched how smart thermostats save money, you should. These gadgets are easy to install and can help save up to 15% of your monthly heating and cooling. 

Smart thermostats constantly gather data and find ways to lower utility costs. They record exact behaviors and provide automatic adjustments depending on the time of day, season, and whether certain building zones are occupied.  

The extent of thermostat controls varies by make and model. However, most offer a staggering list of features. Additionally, many come with smartphone apps, which managers can use from anywhere. Ultimately, a smart thermostat device allows building managers to create an environment that constantly improves based on critical, data-driven insights. 

3. Use LED Lighting

Lighting constantly ranks among one of the top electrical expenses for any business. Therefore, the type of bulbs you use makes an enormous impact on the monthly bill.

Many are unaware that LED bulbs use up to 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Not only do they provide major savings, but they also last up to 25 years longer. Overall, switching to LED lighting is an easy way to save a lot on electrical costs.

Furthermore, building managers can install smart lighting systems to ensure the lights remain off when no one is around. 

4. Install Window Films

Commercial buildings are often full of windows. If this describes your building, you know that while sunlight is necessary, the more windows you have, the more you spend on heating and cooling costs. Especially if your building has windows that don't feature sun-blocking or tint, applying window films is an excellent solution.

Estimates show window films eliminate solar heat gain by up to 85% during peak sun hours. The result is a massive reduction in utility costs and a safer environment for building occupants. On top of reducing solar heat, most films block 99% of UV rays, which reduces the likelihood of developing skin cancer.

5. Invest in Water Sensor Technology

Moisture-related damages are a significant concern for commercial building owners. However, to avoid these, owners can implement water sensors

Water sensors are placed in critical areas with a significant likelihood of major leaks. When the sensors detect a leak or excess moisture, it sends an alert via a digital platform, allowing the building manager to respond as soon as possible.

The main benefit of water sensor technology is that it allows building managers to meet issues before they become large, costly endeavors. Therefore, while installing a comprehensive system of water sensors comes with upfront costs, the money saved from dealing with a blown water heater or a mold outbreak from leaky pipes can save thousands. 

Installing water sensors also boosts building safety. They can detect if any water leaks or damages pose electrical risks and even recognize structural-related damage due to oversaturation. 

A Solution That Simplifies Commercial Energy Management

A comprehensive smart technology system is the only way to manage commercial water and energy utilities properly. As stated, monitoring indoor water, thermal, and air sensors doesn't just provide a safer environment; it leads to massive power savings and an entirely energy-efficient building. Therefore, every commercial building owner or manager should consider Attune's advanced leak detection and smart building technology.

Using cutting-edge IoT technology, Attune offers solutions that significantly reduce the likelihood of major damage. Furthermore, they reduce monthly utility bills and increase sustainability efforts for commercial building owners worldwide. Visit the website today to request a demo. 

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