Letter From CEO Serene Almomen

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to 2022! I know we are all ready to move onto a new year; like you, I’m hopeful of better things to come.

As the CEO of Senseware, I am always compelled to look ahead, to see potential pitfalls, and to take simple steps to find safe paths. Many pundits this time of year will unveil their predictions for business in 2022; I won’t be doing that here.

Instead, I wanted to share some thoughts on trends that have been impressed upon me day-by-day. I am hopeful that this message will put words to things that you have been feeling as well.

A New Way of Living

I’ve heard many people complain about the current situation; they can’t wait for things to get back to “normal.” I don’t believe it will. This has become so much bigger than Covid-19, or simply going back to the usual office or classroom setting.

I believe we need to get comfortable in this  new stage of “being.” We’re not going back because too much has already changed. I don’t think fear will suddenly dissipate. Precautions like getting tested before getting on a flight will be the status quo. The disruptions are likely here to stay for much longer than we would like.

This new way of living is not better. It is stressful and mentally exhausting. It feels like our decision-making process has become more reactive than proactive. We can’t make summer plans until we know what the situation is like after Q1. It’s even difficult to confirm attendance at small social gatherings. What’s really changed is our increased need for agility as we have become increasingly dependent on events that have not yet arrived. The sooner we accept this reality, the faster we will adapt.

Increased Virtualization

I’ve been forced to catch up with the reality that my kids have known for a while. They’ve lived in a predominately virtual world where real-time status updates have not only been the norm, but also the bare-minimum expectation. My expectations are gravitating towards theirs.

Many of us love remote shopping, don’t love remote work environments (or maybe we really do), and have had to grow accustomed to remote healthcare. I text my doctor in APP and receive a response in real-time. I think I get it, I don’t like to wait . . . ever . . . for anything.

I’ve understood the trend behind the increased business need for real-time sensor data, but I now feel myself being pulled much further, much faster than I expected as my expectations for real-time services have grown. I shouldn’t be surprised, but somehow, I am.

The Green Movement is Moving With or Without You

My Amazon App tells me which of the vendor's products I’m browsing are Green. I appreciate that. I can’t find any single-use plastic bags at my local Wegman’s because they’ve been jettisoned as of January 1. Ok, I’ll bring my own.

Concerns about the environment and conservation are not new. We all play our part. However, it is increasingly difficult not to notice the Green movement with all of the discussion around ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

All that said, it isn’t about my opinion or even your opinion. Big commitments are being made by big organizations regardless of what you or I believe. This is happening now. Increasingly, what you and I wear, and what you and I buy will be impacted. The Green Movement is gaining visibility, impacting you with bigger and bigger changes. It isn’t waiting for people to get on board. I get that now.

I am starting the year with the intention to both personally and at Senseware, enhance agility, celebrate and support the increased access to real-time information, and play our part in the Green movement.

2022 is here, and like yourselves, I know we’ll have to adjust along the way. I’ve highlighted a few trends that have particularly stood out to me. Regardless, color me excited for what is to come.

I’d love to hear how you’re feeling about the year ahead. Have you set any intentions for you or your team?  

Serene Almomen

CEO, Senseware

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