National Poll: Major Parent Concern on Heat, COVID-19 School Shutdowns

New survey of 1,544 respondents reveals 95% of parents emphasize the importance of indoor air quality in schools, while 78% worry about school closures due to heat, pandemics, and wildfires.

VIENNA, Va., Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Attune (formerly Senseware), a leading indoor air quality monitoring company, released today new national poll data revealing that 95% of parents believe it is important to know the indoor air quality conditions in their child's school, with 73% indicating that it is very important. Among these concerns, nearly 8 in 10 parents are concerned about their child's school closing due to air quality issues such as heat, COVID-19, wildfires or other outbreaks.

These concerns are even greater among parents with a child in preschool or daycare: 82% report being very concerned about their child's school closing as a result of poor indoor air quality.

"After a summer filled with wildfire smoke, and as COVID-19 hospitalizations are rising once more, it's clear that monitoring indoor air quality is an essential part of student wellness," said Serene Almomen, CEO and Co-Founder of Attune. "This data offers insight into how serious monitoring indoor air quality is for parents, and gives us perspective into how we can ease parents' minds."

Access to healthy indoor air quality is not equal, with students in low-income and underserved communities often experiencing worse air quality conditions. As such, the poll asked three questions and categorized weighted and unweighted answers by region, age, gender, ethnicity and if the respondent had any children.

"Students of all communities cannot afford another prolonged shutdown, and improving indoor air quality conditions is a necessary first step to ensuring students stay in the classroom," said Julien Stamatakis, CTO and Co-Founder of Attune. "Armed with the data IAQ monitors provide, school leaders can accurately determine if and when closures are necessary and provide parents and students with the transparency they want to ease their worries over the air their child is breathing."

For more information about Attune and to review the full report, visit their website.

About Attune:

Serene Almomen, PhD, is the co-founder and CEO of the high-growth technology company Attune. Attune is a first-of-its-kind, sensor-based technology platform with 55 patents for its technology innovations. It provides real-time assurance into critical areas such as indoor air quality, energy consumption, risk of water leaks, critical equipment status, and more. Attune is the only customizable indoor air quality monitoring solution on the market and is UL 2905 and SOC2 certified and GBAC Star Registered.

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