5 Energy Conservation Solutions You Should Consider

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Energy conservation is a mindset achieved by tools and solutions that reduce electric and water consumption. Know what these tools are and how they lead to immediate reductions in energy consumption.


Many people think big when it comes to clean energy, picturing a field of turbines or a solar panel-laden roof. Smaller, easier solutions that contribute to energy conservation often go unrecognized. 

Energy conservation isn't a single solution. It's a mindset that places emphasis on energy savings, prioritizing energy efficiency projects that optimize the energy consumption of devices in buildings or homes. 

There are many new trends in energy research, including AI, which provides striking insights for lowering energy consumption, reducing harmful emissions, and saving big time on water and electricity bills. Building owners must be aware of these trends to help plan for the future and reduce their long-term carbon footprint. We'll look at five energy conservation initiatives to help you cut costs and reduce your consumption of energy immediately. 

The Importance of Energy Conservation

Energy costs are rising at the highest rate in decades. Homeowners, landlords, and building owners are feeling the pain of the ongoing energy crisis and rising electricity prices. With the effects of climate change, failing grid systems, greedy energy companies, supply chain bottlenecks, and shortages of traditional energy resources, it's imperative that property owners prioritize energy conservation. 

It's more than a sustainability issue. The practical benefit of energy conservation is slashing energy costs, but building owners don't often prioritize it and may be unaware they can save up to 15%-20% on energy costs by doing so. 

You can start saving on energy usage with an energy audit. An audit provides a snapshot of energy usage. It highlights your pain points, showing you what to prioritize. A professional can conduct an energy assessment, or you can go with a DIY home test. 

Don't skip this part. Without understanding your energy consumption, you won't know which energy-saving measures will have the most immediate benefits.

5 Key Energy Conservation Solutions

Tackling your energy efficiency concerns can feel overwhelming, but remember that energy management strategies are more than solar or wind power. Through these simple energy conservation solutions, you can limit power and water consumption and decrease annual energy costs. 

1. Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

What does it mean for an appliance to be "energy efficient?" You can look at an appliance's Energy Star rating as a formal metric. 

Energy Star awards certifications for appliances that meet a certain energy efficiency level. The appliance must undergo rigorous testing to receive the organization's stamp of approval. On average, an Energy Star appliance consumes 10%-20% less energy than a nonrated model. 

However, there are other ways to achieve energy-efficient appliances. For example, an IoT device is a great way to boost efficiency. AI IoT solutions have automated intelligent controls that continuously monitor energy consumption.

Take an HVAC system, for example. Hooking it up to an IoT sensor allows it to automate temperature changes, ensuring it uses the least amount of power while maintaining comfy building conditions. HVAC-Cooling-Tower-3

2. Upgrade Your HVAC System

For the average American home, 50%-70% of the electric bill comes from heating and cooling. Lowering this number might seem unachievable, especially as heat levels reach new heights. But there's hope. 

Energy-efficient HVAC systems use much less energy usage than traditional systems. Upgrading to an energy-efficient HVAC system certified by a credible agency, like Energy Star, can reduce energy usage for cooling by 20%-50%

3. Seal Air Leaks

Identifying and sealing leaks is a simple but effective energy-saving measure that any home or building owner can do. 

Air duct leaks result in hundreds of dollars wasted per year. Always check your air ducts and ensure they are tightly sealed and don't have tears or holes. But remember, these aren't the only types of air leaks. 

Leaks in doors, windows, and walls also contribute to energy waste, and the cost can be severe. Reports show that home and building owners save 5%-30% on electric bills by eliminating these entry points. 

4. Use Real-Time Energy Management (RTEM)

Real-time energy management solutions use hardware sensors to track the energy consumption of key systems and utilities within a building, home, or complex. 

Sensors can be placed on any electric-powered device, including:

  • HVAC systems
  • Heavy machinery
  • Toilets, faucets, and plumbing
  • Kitchen appliances and refrigerators
  • Lighting systems
  • Escalators/elevators
  • Security systems

Once hooked up, they track energy consumption continuously, compiling data and sending it to the monitoring software. Then, the dashboard delivers insights into the building as a whole and individual devices and systems.

You can adjust or program the sensors to optimize performance, reduce energy costs, and lower carbon footprints. Additionally, you'll receive immediate updates if there are any energy or water leaks, given these management systems track usage in real time. 

5. Use Smart Power Strips 

Whether you're looking into power conservation for your home, office, or commercial site, smart power strips are an incredible energy solution. 

The main thing these strips do is eliminate "vampire loads." These are energy leaks, where plugged-in devices, like a TV, charger, or lamp, continue using electricity even when powered off. 

Smart power strips detect when devices are in standby mode and cut the power off. They can cut usage on individual devices by up to 48%.

Easily Manage Energy Using the Proper Tool

Energy consumption is a mindset, but it requires the proper tools and strategies. To start seeing immediate energy improvements, search no further than Attune's utility management system. 

Our water and energy detection tools incorporate cutting-edge automation and advanced AI. As sensors collect data on your energy consumption habits, they communicate directly to devices, making constant adjustments to maintain optimal energy levels. 

Avoid energy sinkholes, improve water consumption, and discover massive utility savings by investing in our top-of-the-line solutions for energy conservation in your building. 

Feel free to take our products out for a test drive and schedule a demo today. 

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